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The production line breaches traditional fireworks production mode. Due to apart powder and human, apart human and machine, apart machine and electrical the safety performance has been remarkable improved.
Five core technology:
Four practical function:
1, Safety:Fully realizing mechanization and standardization lead to elimination instability of the handicraft industry
2, Quality: Owing to fully automatic 24 Working procedures, the production capacity and efficiency have been improved. In other hand, enterprise’s total cost has been decreased.
3, Economic:Raw materials have been effective controlled as well as the pollutants in the process of production.
4, Resource saving: The employee have been reduced in population by 90% and the working place has been saved in population by 80%. Production capacity is significantly higher than traditional technology.
The production line is stable and has been through the review of Hunan Bureau of safety and production supervision and Administration.
Powder charge (no working people)