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Production line
Zhongzhou Fireworks Co., Ltd is the leader in the fully automatic production area. Since 2009 our company has developed fully automatic assembly line. After investment of billion yuan, the third generation combination fireworks automatic production line has been successfully put into industrial operation. Thus, every dangerous step has been handled by machine and the operation staff has declined in population by 90 %. Beside,the workplace for assembling powder has been reduced in population by 80 %. Production capacity is significantly higher than traditional technology. Only 11 people can do the work, which previously needs 300 employee. This production line has been listed most important project of safety production of fireworks by State Administration of Safety Supervision. 
Research findings:
Workshop and other supporting facilities have been designed by Hunan Chemical Design Institute. Instead of traditional brick workshop modern steel shelf structure has been built. At present the production line has been passed by the mechanical testing of Hunan Quality supervision and inspection center of fireworks and firecrackers. Meanwhile this project has achieved 38 patents(15 patents for invention and 23 patents for practise)  
         Automatic production line No. 1                      Automatic production line No. 2                    Automatic production line No. 5,6 
Zhongzhou fireworks Co., Ltd. achieves the change of fireworks production from labor intensive to technology intensive and opens a new epoch of fully automatic production line of fireworks
Production line In the future:
1, Effectively reducing the comprehensive production cost of the fireworks enterprise
2, High economic benefits.
3, Fundamentally improved Personal safety in the production process
4, Forming and promoting the brand effect of enterprises
5, Promoting the construction of industry standardization
6, Standardizing the development of industry and convenience safety supervision of government departments
Automatic production line No. 1 (Outdoor scene)