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Company profile

Company profile

Liuyang Zhongzhou Fireworks Sales Co., Ltd was founded in 1972, which focuses on producing fireworks and offering sales service to the whole world. Our company has owned more than 17 modern production base and a one hundred and twenty thousand square meter warehouse with logistics processing center. Six hundreds managers and over five thousands employees are working in this company.  Zhongzhou Fireworks Sales Co., Ltd possesses total assets of 1 hundred million Dollars and has annual output of eleven million cartons, which is the one of the biggest fireworks company in the world.
Zhongzhou Fireworks Sales Co., Ltd is the leader in the fully automatic production area. Since 2009 our company has developed fully automatic assembly line. Recent years, the third generation combination fireworks automatic production line has been successfully put into industrial operation. Thus, every dangerous step has been handled by machine and the operation staff has declined in population by 90 percent. Zhongzhou Fireworks Company has the plan to build 20 production lines in the future. Zhongzhou peoples always keep positive attitude and honest and pragmatic work style in order to provide safety, environmental protection and beauty fireworks.
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